Blended Huel Mixture Freezing in Refrigerator Over Night

Has anyone had the issue of pre blending their Huel the night before only to find that a small amount actually freezes to the bottom of the container? The only thing that can raise the freezing point of water is alcohol. I’m not aware of any sugar alcohols in the mixture.
Any comments or advice? It’s a little amoying when you want to have your breakfast and about 15% of it is frozen to the bottom of your Huel container. I’ve tried other containers, so it’s not the Huel shaker.

Perhaps your refrigerator is too cold?

Maybe you could keep your Huel on the top shelf where it’d be slightly less cold than lower down.

Yes, that sounds like the most logical excuse. However. My fridge has a digital readout and precise temp. I also have moved the shakers from the top to bottom shelf. Also, I have a great many things in my fridge. Bottles of water, diet soda, milk, Atkin’s shakes (not mine), Sports drinks, and Zero calorie Power aide. None of that freezes ever. I just find it odd that the first thing to freeze is my Huel shake.
Just wondering if Huel has some advise.

I suspect that the Huel powder is a comparatively thick consistency (including settling) that freezes more easily because it can’t move as freely as iced tea or water.

I wonder why your other condiments aren’t freezing.

Is your Huel actually frozen or settled into chunks/clumps … the same thing that people complain about not mixing easily. That they’re very cold makes them even more “concrete” than when freshly mixed.

I find that despite my fridge giving me the “precise” temperature, whenever I place things towards the back they usually get much colder than towards the front.

Not sure if this is the case here but I’ve never had issues with freezing.

It is a mystery. Also, I didn’t mention, I mix the Huel and water in a blender for 5 minutes prior to pouring in my shakers and refrigerating. So its very well blended with no clumping at all. Also the Huel mixture freezes at an angle attached to one side of the shaker. So It’s not just collecting on the bottom. Obviously, it’s the water, not the Huel mixture that is freezing. I’m going to try wrapping the shakers with a towel and see what happens. Thank you all for your input.