New to Huel - anyone freeze it and eat it like ice cream?

I put my Huel bottle in the freezer for a little while becase I wanted it super cold and noticed that it started to freeze/thicken up and wondered if anyone has frozen their Huel to eat it like ice cream?

Yes. To do it frozen, I make it much more concentrated and use almond milk only, no water.

1 cup vanilla Huel, 1 banana, peanut butter or PB2 powder, cacao nibs, a small amount of Huel salted caramel powder, enough milk to make it thick. I mean thicc just like my … Nevermind. You get the point. It has to be blended. I pour into a mug, seal and press over it, put in the freezer for later. Eaten with a spoon. I actually have to partially thaw before I can eat it.


So, kinda like healthy ice cream? Hmmmm… :yum: