Need to cancel/adjust order before it goes out


I set up a subscription just now and realized I picked the wrong flavors and made the adjustments immediately after but noticed that a delivery had already been dispatched. It’s a large order (16 pouches) and I was hoping to get the initial dispatch adjusted to reflect the updated subscription to save some hassle with returns (and shipping costs both ways).

Is this possible since it seems there is going to be a 4-6 day delay to actually ship the order out?

The order number is : 758404-US


Cc: @Domenique_Huel, @Christian_Huel

Hey there, I’m sorry to hear you’ve popped in the wrong flavors, but unfortuntaely we won’t be able to amend them. I believe one of the team has responded to your email explaining, but essentially there’s a ton of steps in between your order and it reaching you. In this case the delay to the order probably won’t be picking and packing but courier delays, which is why we won’t be able to amend it.

I’m really sorry for this. Check your email for more info.

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