Best Huel powder flavor for a beginner disappointed by chocolate RTD

I’m a first-time customer planning to order 2-3 bags of Huel powder (probably 2 v3 and maybe 1 black). My only previous experience with Huel was having the chocolate RTD, which I found to have way too much of an unpleasant sweetener taste. What might be some good powder flavors for a beginner like me to try that don’t taste so saccharine? Thanks!

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They’re all so good!!! But I also liked the RTD ones.

As far as the powder, my favorite is probably cinnamon roll or strawberry shortcake. If you don’t like them I’d definitely buy it from ya.


I strongly advise staying away from all flavored huel versions. All of them use sucralose, and apart from the taste that some people might find awkward, sucralose has unknown consequences for long term usage. There are literally no tests that have evaluated what might come to you if you only consume such levels of sucralose for many years, and anyone who uses flavored huel for that long is only voluntarily making himself that test-subject-guinea pig for next generation to observe. Anyway, coming back to your question, the answer is obviously unflavored huel. I strongly recommend getting pure powdered banana and raw powdered cocoa, and add a couple of spoons of it along with your unflavored huel for a healthy tasty drink. You might have to experiment a bit with the quantities of each for the best taste.

Vanilla! Its neutral so you can just add whatever you want and its good by itself

The black powders are free of artificial sweeteners.

I like the Chocolate RTD and my first bag was the Black Chocolate powder, which tasted even better (more chocolatey) than the RTD to me. I’m on my second order and I got Black Vanilla since so many reviews said it was neutral, but I hate it. I have to add extra smoothie ingredients to mask the terrible, fake vanilla taste. I’m versed in protein shakes so I thought vanilla would be good. Chocolate was much better but I just started getting sick of having it daily.
About to order my third shipment, but it feels like any flavor/product is a gamble.

Try my combo: Unflavored huel (the original one), whole milk powder, banana powder, cocoa powder.