Need a quick Huel fixer-upper

Welcome to the Taste Shack…where I aim to create all your flavor explosions under one roof.

That’s right, buckle up and get ready to blast off to Flavor Town with any of the concoctions I’ve created in my laboratory, or these fresh items on the menu…

Need a quick shake before you run out on errands or to the 9-to-5 hustle?!
I’ve got you covered.

These are made assuming your shakes are 15-17 oz/2 scoopers.

1 scoop each Berry and Banana Huel will get ya going in the morning.

1 scoop each Chocolate and Peanut Butter will satisfy a noon grumble.

Cafe Latte/Vanilla will get those feet moving first thing.

Banana/Peanut Butter will put a boogaloo in your lunchbox.

Feeling a little more adventurous?! Try using 1/3 servings of Huel to make Chocolate/Peanutbutter/Banana smoothies.
How about a Salted Caramel/Cafe/Vanilla latte!
Chocolate/Banana/Berry alright!!

10 oz water, 5 oz mango GoodBelly probiotic smoothie, 1 sc/ea Berry and Banana Huel. Sweet (use more water if sweet ain’t your thang), fruity, light. Add egg or protein powder for some oomph.

Instead of water, try making a shake with a nut milk, a soy/orange juice mix, a splash of V8, or Good Belly probiotic shake.


VEGGIES THAT BLEND WELL, in fresh - never froz

Handfuls - spinach, shredded carrots
These are versatile veggies that commonly pair with many dishes

To taste - cherry tomatoes, kale, squash, garlic
These are mega-benefit veggies that mostly have strong flavor profiles and should be measured out accordingly

Extras - honey, germ, protein powder, root/bark powders, rose hips, Himalayan salt
These are flavors. Some health benefits. Slightly alter overall mouth happiness.

Too many WORDS!!

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While the concoctions seem palatable, I find the energy of the post and use of Guy Fieri nomenclature a little triggering.


@nachosalad78 Huel and Orange Juice? I am intrigued! Do you make it like an orange creamsicle style with vanilla Huel?

Haven’t tried using just straight-up OJ yet, i cut my shakes using vanilla soy/oj (80:20) when i do.

Stay tuned…