My Then & Now 130 pounds off!

My weight (fat) loss journey has involved a lot of things, but if there’s one product that’s been vital at all stages its been HUEL. HUEL helped me safely become a vegetarian. Its been a mainstay in smoothies and blended drinks throughout journey. When I started 13 months ago I was choking it down for a few weeks, but now I’ve really come to enjoy the taste. Even when I got my first batch of V3.0 and was thrown by the taste, I’ve come to enjoy that too.

Over the past 13 months I’ve lost 130 pounds! The first 80 were largely from sticking to a strict diet centered around HUEL. Since then its been a combination of diet and working out. My doctor says I’ve not only extended my life, in her words I’ve added 10-20 years of “good quality of life” years to my life. HUEL

Most of my HUEL consumption comes as part of a larger smoothie. I blend veggies with HUEL, oatmeal, cold coffee (really) and milk and ice in the mornings. Later in the day I often stir HUEL with supplement powders into a creamy drink - orange metamucil with fruit punch creatine with vanilla HUEL actually tastes pretty good. My solid food staples tend to be vegetables, brown rice, beans, apples, and bagels with peanut butter. I give myself some freedom to play around, but that’s my base day.

Thanks HUEL!


Incredible story. I’m down about 65 in 9 months so I can relate to the struggles of weight loss with so many temptations around us.

For me it’s replacing 1-2 meals with RTD and watching my calories. I do IF 16/8 and keep my calories under 2k for 5-6 days a week.

Huel has been the most valuable tool in my health/weight loss arsenal.

Congratulations once more!


Congrats! You look great!


Congratulations Zac!

Sounds like your diet is on point now.

I’m guessing the t-shirt you got with your first Huel order no longer fits? Drop me a message with your new size and I can help you out.


Thanks! I had to learn some of the lingo (I didn’t know what RTD means)

I should look into intermittent fasting - I think Terry Crews recommends it too :smile:

I still have plenty of issues with eating “4th meal” type situations. Its probably my biggest problem area.

Thanks! I feel great!

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Hi Dan,

My safe size is an XL but more and more of my wardrobe is just L. I don’t remember if 4XL was an option when I first ordered HUEL, so my original shirt may not have been my size anyway.

Thanks though!

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Our largest size is an XXL and it can come up a bit small so if you would like an XL let me know. Just message me with the colour and style you’d prefer.

Great job Zac. So proud of you.


That’s amazing. Congratulations on your success.
I’m just now starting my weightloss journey.
About four years ago, my allergies worsened, and I’m allergic to over 70 types of plants and animals. I have year-round allergies now. I also have allergy induces asthma.
So it forced me indoors more. I used to jog 10 miles 3 times a week, do marathons, day hikes, bike riding, etc.
Anyway, now I’ve gained around100 lbs. I’m sick of it, and I want my old activities back.

I’ve been thinking about going full Huel (after a transition period, of course). I like it in smoothies with banana and strawberries. I also love that Huel is plant-based.

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Congratulations! I started Huel black A few months ago and have lost 30lbs. I plan to lose 38lbs more.


You’ll get there. … take it from someone who didn’t think it was possible in January 2019… down about 100 today :slight_smile:


I don’t know if my palette is continuing to adjust or if its an improvement on your end - but I LOVE vanilla 3.0 and the new peanut butter flavor. I am downright suspicious of how much I enjoy it. I sometimes spill a little when I am pouring and enjoy licking it up. It somehow tastes like cake batter to me.

I’ve tried out the Hot and Savory - tomato & herb & thai green curry. Both have been passable as meal replacements and I appreciate how easy they are in a pinch, but for now they’re working as a change of pace meal rather than a regular part of my meal plan. I enjoy them fine plain but often add some carrots, beans, or spinach to fill it out.

Way to go HUEL! You continue to be a vital part of my day.

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I was never really active in adulthood so the stuff you describe missing have been new experiences for me - you’re definitely right that its worth making the changes to get there though. I have to remind myself that I prefer being able to go for a hike at a park more than the taste of any fast food meal. I’ve felt like a kid many times this year. I got a bike and rode it to and from work a lot this summer. I went kayaking for the first time ever. Its worth it!

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Have you tried the original and the black? I’m curious how they compare. The macros on the black intimidate me a little bit.

triple digit weight loss and sustaining it puts us in an exclusive club. Statistically we don’t exist, so we have to talk to each other to prove we are real.

Just poked my left eyeball, I’m real! If there’s anything good that came from this pandemic, it’s my ability to work from home. This has allowed me to have a much better work/life balance, where I can get my workouts in without feeling the fatigue of a daily 33 mile one-way commute. Not to mention, I live at a walking distance from the beach so that always helps. :slight_smile:

How much are you down now?

33 mile commute! Yikes! I have a 3 mile commute but am unfortunately 4 days from the beach. During the summer my bike ride to work was about 3 minutes longer than driving to work depending on how I hit the lights.

I’m the same weight I was 12 months ago, which is something I’ve never been able to say before. I’ve lost weight tons of times over the past 12 years, but this is the first time I lost that much weight, and very much the first time that it’s stayed off for 12 months.

How’s your eyeball doing?

Really well done man, you look great. Congratulations, but don’t be so fast to chalk it up to some product or something, it takes a heck of a lot of discipline and mental strength, probably emotional too, to stick with a program that can lead to that sort of weight loss. You really deserve a lot of credit.

UPDATE March 2021: My use of huel has shifted over time but for the last several weeks I’ve been maintaining or losing weight, having good energy level/mood, and my body systems running “normally” by doing the following…

Breakfast - chilled coffee, almond milk, spinach, sweet peppers, carrots, tomato, 1 spoonful vanilla huel 3.0, 1 spoonful peanut butter huel 3.0, 1 spoonfull peanut powder, and a whole bunch of ice.
Dinner is sweeter and simpler - chilled decaf coffee, almond milk, 1 spoonful peanut butter huel 3.0, 1 spoonful peanut powder and some ice. I blend both in a seriously powerful vitamix blender that I’m so glad I found at a thrift store mid-2019.

Lunch is real food - rice, beans, veggies, made delicious (I should be good at it, I’ve been making it for 27 months). I currently do a mix of black and brown rice, pinto and red kidney bean, and just whatever frozen vegetable bag I feel like buying. I cook and then partially freeze a couple of weeks worth of beans overnight in a slow cooker with peppers & onions and vegetable broth and I season the heck out of em. I prep the rice with a no-sugar rice vinegar and the lowest sugar teriyaki marinade I could find.

Most days include a salad between lunch and dinner. My work day is such that breakfast is usually 6-6:30a, Lunch at 11a, “snack salad” at 3p, dinner at 6:30-7p. The one deficiency seems to be salt. I have to pay attention to my salt cravings and either wait them out or do something proactive to head them off. I find I’m not craving sweets at all and I’m fairly well satiated throughout the day when I keep the schedule.

Me at the height of my powers in the mid 2010’s

Me 2 weeks ago