My Then & Now 130 pounds off!

My weight (fat) loss journey has involved a lot of things, but if there’s one product that’s been vital at all stages its been HUEL. HUEL helped me safely become a vegetarian. Its been a mainstay in smoothies and blended drinks throughout journey. When I started 13 months ago I was choking it down for a few weeks, but now I’ve really come to enjoy the taste. Even when I got my first batch of V3.0 and was thrown by the taste, I’ve come to enjoy that too.

Over the past 13 months I’ve lost 130 pounds! The first 80 were largely from sticking to a strict diet centered around HUEL. Since then its been a combination of diet and working out. My doctor says I’ve not only extended my life, in her words I’ve added 10-20 years of “good quality of life” years to my life. HUEL

Most of my HUEL consumption comes as part of a larger smoothie. I blend veggies with HUEL, oatmeal, cold coffee (really) and milk and ice in the mornings. Later in the day I often stir HUEL with supplement powders into a creamy drink - orange metamucil with fruit punch creatine with vanilla HUEL actually tastes pretty good. My solid food staples tend to be vegetables, brown rice, beans, apples, and bagels with peanut butter. I give myself some freedom to play around, but that’s my base day.

Thanks HUEL!


Incredible story. I’m down about 65 in 9 months so I can relate to the struggles of weight loss with so many temptations around us.

For me it’s replacing 1-2 meals with RTD and watching my calories. I do IF 16/8 and keep my calories under 2k for 5-6 days a week.

Huel has been the most valuable tool in my health/weight loss arsenal.

Congratulations once more!

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Congrats! You look great!

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Congratulations Zac!

Sounds like your diet is on point now.

I’m guessing the t-shirt you got with your first Huel order no longer fits? Drop me a message with your new size and I can help you out.