Huel, for one year

I started eating just Huel about a year ago to save money. For slightly under two dollars a meal, I couldn’t afford not to at the time. I was stressed out and not in a position where I had the frame of mind required to gather and prepare the ingredients necessary for a “perfect” diet. I had resorted to getting my dinner from Uber Eats on a daily basis.

For just over a year now, I have had Huel pretty much every day. I started with the vanilla powder and have since graduated to berry RTD. I feel better than I have ever felt. When I started my mostly Huel diet, I was 229 pounds. I weighed in this morning at 148. I didn’t expect to ever lose weight at 33. I am happy I did.

Huel is not a weight loss supplement. It is better than that. It is a healthy meal that maximizes nutrition without all the fluff. I don’t even think about junk food all the time like I used to. When I get out of work, I go for Huel. Pizza seems like a long time to wait when everything I need is cold and ready in the fridge.

Obligatory before and after photo:


Amazing work!

What a fantastic journey.

I think this is the most dramatic “before and after” example I have ever seen!

Edited to ask:

How many RTDs did/are you drinking a day?

Have you reached your goal weight? If so, what is your plan to maintain your goal? Will you expand your diet beyond Huel?

Very impressive. You’re gonna need a small Huel shirt now. I had to order one of those myself.

Yeah, Huel doesn’t need to be viewed as a weight loss product. It’s a balanced and healthy “mono-food” which has positive health consequences if you replace unhealthy meals with it.

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I have one rtd for breakfast with my morning medication, and one for lunch. For dinner I have been having a nutritionally complete ramen that came out recently. My plan to stick to it is just not to forget to order it. I really don’t crave the junk food I used to have, I think I was just too lazy to bother with cooking, and now I have just accepted that. I am surprised it has taken this long for a food product to come out that is easy and healthy.


That is the small… I think they need an extra small. It does feel like more of a medium.

Thanks for the detail!

You look great, and I’m thrilled you feel good, and I admire your dedication to purpose.

I’m interested in this. Love ramen, hate the salt. Where can I getg some of this?

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Wow your before sounds exactly like where I am now. Did you change your exercise routine? Or was huel the only change?

Bigdaddy - Its called Vite Ramen. Its pretty expensive at over three dollars a pack, but it tastes pretty good to me. It does have barely any salt, so I add salt in haha. You might prefer it as is, though.

HuelJackman - I didn’t exercise. I was going to start to when I got under 200, and then I just kind of never did. I plan to soon, but I am a little nervous about the idea of gaining weight, be it muscle or fat.


Couldn’t have said it better myself! Congrats Mikey.

This is good to know! I just started on it today, ahead of schedule because I was running late and didn’t have time to make my usual breakfast parfait (i was planning on starting in June but whatevs, lol).

Though I know it’s not touted as a weight loss supplement, I was hoping it would help with controlling my caloric intake while at the same time ensuring I get all the actual nutrients I need. I always felt like i wasn’t getting the proper nutrition.

I’m planning on replacing my dinner with 2 Huel shakes as that tends to be the meal that wrecks me in the sense that 1) it’s usually the biggest, fattiest meal of my day and 2) since my wife makes dinner from scratch after she gets home from work, I usually end up eating way late, like 8 or even 9 PM, which is bad for my weight loss efforts. After I’m done with these first two bags I may also replace my breakfast with one shake as well.

Thank you for posting your before and after results, this is very much motivational!

Thanks @omikes. Just ordered some.

I second this! Vite Ramen is fantastic. The guys who run it are real, and responsive.

Tricks I learned in the Soylent forum: Use half the water. Add the flavor packets to the boiling water so the flavor cooks into the noods. Use soy sauce to help enhance the taste when it’s done cooking.


Did you know you can cook qinuoa and lentils together with very little effort and it can give you 3 or 4 servings for the week.

1 cup quinoa + 1 cup lentils + 4 cups (1 box) of vegetable broth. Almost all vegetable broth boxes come standard as 4 cups. It’s the water and seasoning in one.

Combine all that into a pot. Add seasoning if you want. Just sprinkle some Ms. Dash. Heat till it boils. Then after it hits a boil, turn down heat to low, put cover on, and set timer for 30 minutes. Done. Transfer to a tupperware and store in the fridge for up to a week. Reheat in microwave.

An easy dinner using this is:

  1. Heat up this above mix.
  2. Spread store bought hummus on a whole wheat wrap.
  3. Add more hummus on top or store bought salsa.

I sometimes add in some sunflower seeds to this. Either way, it’s very easy.

I also combine that quinoa and lentils with some rice and salsa or hummus in a bowl, and eat. There are many good microwavable rice options.

Although this doesn’t have every micronutrient, it’s not necessary to have a “complete” meal at every meal. And I imagine this mix already has most of the nutrients you’d need anyway.

Powdered Huel also makes for a very easy hot porridge. I put it in a microwavable bowl, pour enough plant milk on it to get it as thick/thin as I want. Optional adds are: sprinkle some cinnamon, add raisins, add seeds or cashews, apple slices or apple sauce. Heat in microwave for 2.5 min. Then assess and add more milk if needed, then microwave another 30 seconds.


Got me some noods. I prepped the first two servings per the directions and was very underwhelmed. I re-read this thread, followed @boles trick, and Oh-My-Dog! That made all the difference in the world. It even works with the full measure of water. A shake or two from the Soy sauce bottle, they’re almost perfect. I even tried a couple of shakes from my bottle of Teryaki sauce, that worked well also. Gonna try that in the Huel, once I finish my Vanilla bad and open the U/U.


Great news!

I don’t mind a lot of broth. I think that’s what helps fill you up and gives a good sense of satiety.

You’re right that adding your own flavor can really lock down the good taste!

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After reading this I picked up a case of Vite Ramen, tastes great! I used half the water and have been adding the packets to the boiling water so it helps with flavor as you guys have recommended.

My only gripe is 73g of carbs!!!

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Congrats on your journey!

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Ooooh hey there!! Looking good sir!!

I hate that I’ve had to go on and off the Huel train. It’s so irritating when I have to come off it for a while. It’s not the Huels fault, it’s always something to do with me and insanity in my life. I’m jealous! Lol seriously, you look great!! Congratulations! :heart:


oh, same. and the wife keeps reminding me to drink it, so it’s not for lack of encouragement… but hot dang @omikes, you sir are an inspiration to this fat guy!