Weight loss story

Good day everyone! I would like to share a personal story about my experience with Huel. I decided it was time to lose some weight. I set my goal high at losing 60 pounds. I chose this because this would put me at my healthiest weight of my life(when I was a decorated multi-sport athlete while a senior in high school.) I found Huel different than any other product I had seen before. There was no disclaimer, there was no hidden agenda, just wholesome, real food in powdered form. This was appealing to me, because portion control has always been my Achilles heel. Knowing exactly what is in it, and what I need to sustain life is perfect! I am a bit of an extremist in my journey, but it has worked for me. I started with the vanilla v3.0. I found it best when I use 20oz water to 2 scoops Huel. I blend it in my ninja blender, and sometimes to change it up I add 1 cup frozen fruit. The Huel plus 1 cup frozen fruit, plus 20oz water=480 calories and negligible sugar as I usually use blueberries or strawberries. I then sit in the fridge overnight in a shaker bottle. The flavor is best this way for me, and I would gladly recommend that to anyone. My journey started on January 3rd. My starting weight was 241.4lbs…today is March 27th and I weighed in this morning at 176.8lbs!!! I substitute 2 meals a day for Huel and use fresh fruits and veggies at will. I agree this may be a bit extreme for some, but it has given me a new life, and I don’t intend to change it now that i have met my goal. The folks at Huel have been amazing to work with, and I hope to continue our journey together for many moons to come!! Thanks so much to Huel, and here is to a healthier life!!!



This is the after pic


Very inspiring! Congratulations on your quick progress!


Outstanding work!

What else were you doing that you lost it so quickly ?

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Thanks Jerry! That is one hell of a transformation!