My Then & Now 130 pounds off!

Awesome story. Any issues with excess skin?

Oh for sure. I’ve been at basically the same weight for 14 months and continue to see improvement in the skin issue but I’m far from where I’d like to be. If I get to a point where I don’t think its improving anymore I’ll get a consult on the surgery but for now I’m just paying attention to it over time. My food plan helps me stay hydrated and I don’t eat much that causes inflammation (I’m a vegetarian who avoids sugar and very limited dairy) I’m also trying anything that might help, vitamin d & E, lysiene, collagen + vitamin C

How about you? - anything that worked well?

Do you have a plant-based collagen? Most aren’t vegetarian.

A ton. It sucks! :cat:‍:dragon:

what the hell are you talking abotu man

What is this in reference to?