My Recipe/Regimen

Hey all. Getting into a nice rhythm with Huel. About a month in and I’m doing all breakfast/lunch Huel, with regular food for dinner. I thought I’d share my recipe for anyone who cares!

16oz water (spring, not filtered)
1/2 cup of Huel (half choc/half vanilla)(~250 cals)
Wheatgrass powder
Navitas Cacao powder
Green Vibrance probiotic powder

32oz Blender Bottle w/the mixer ball
I’m not a fan of the Huel bottle. I like the 32oz with this recipe, because there’s still room in the bottle to shake.

I make 4 of these each night and put them in the fridge. I take all 4 with me in the morning to work and have them at breakfast/lunch (2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch). I try to stretch it out over 90 mins. The farthest ahead of time I’ve made them is 24 hours - the longer it sits, the better the consistency, but I’ve read not to go past 24 hours.

I have Lyme disease and some associated issues, so I originally sought out Huel due to easy digestion. Since I’ve been on it, my energy has skyrocketed - higher than it’s been in years (consistently, anyway). I also have been feeling GREAT in general lately, but I can’t attribute that (only) to Huel, because I’m doing many other things treatment-wise. Just too many variables. I can say, however, that Huel has really helped me consistently intake nutrient-dense calories that I know have a much better chance of absorbing.



Great info. Can you explain more why you chose which incredients (taste/health benefits/etc)

@popcorn as for taste, I just like the chocolate and cinnamon combo. Cacao doesn’t have any sweeteners or anything and I like that powder because it ends up with a nice texture. As for health, I go heavy on the probiotics because of my specific health issues.

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Thanks so much for jumping on and sharing your go-to recipe with other faithful Hueligans, Tom! Keep up the awesome work🙌

I’ve been reading a lot about Wheatgrass, it is supposed to have some amazing benefits. Good idea to mix it with Huel.

@redjack I’ve read the same. Not sure what it’s doing for me, because I do so much treatment -wise, but it seems not to be a detriment so I keep it up. It can be hard to stomach as juice, but the freeze-dried powder isn’t bad at all. I get my powder from Bulk Supplements on amazon. They make a lot of good powdered supplements I like.