My huel usage for weightloss and routine

I needed to get a grip on my eating habits and get control of my body. I just wanna lose weight and body fat. I used huel before to lose weight and went through some bad stress that knocked me off the horse and brought all the weight back.

I took charge of my eating and started going to the gym on 10/4/21. I aim to eat about 1200 calories a day, no more than 1500. I use huel to have as lunch everyday. This stopped me from ordering so much food and burning through so much of my money. Sometimes if I’m just tired after the gym I’ll have huel for dinner as well but it’s usually once a day.

I started with a weight of 254lbs and as of today 12/5/21 my weight is 218lbs.

I’m shooting for the 180lb’s and I know I’ll get there at the rate I’ve been going. Huel has helped me monitor my calories and make controlling what I eat much easier. I’ve just felt better in general since starting this lifestyle and keep feeling better. I know I’ll have to change my diet again once I’m done losing weight and start maintaining weight. I plan on continuing the use of huel when I get to that point.


Good Luck! Hope you hit your goal!

Hey @Scottish - Welcome to the Huel forum!

This is great to hear and honestly the most important thing - ensuring you feel good.

We have some great resources on our site with regard to healthy eating as well as resources on weight loss, if you are interested in taking a look!

How did you come to these numbers? You also want to be sure that even while you lose weight, you are also fueling your body and providing it with adequate amounts of energy to sustain the weight loss over the longer term. It’s also important to listen to how you are feeling and adapt from there too! Some days you may need a bit more energy and others you may not, and that is totally ok. :slight_smile:

Let me know and wishing you all the best too!

Well I just wanted to hit the weight loss hard so I aimed for pretty low calories combined with a gym routine. Seeing the results come so quickly has really motivated me more. I have 3 meals a day and never feel like I’m starving myself. Drink lots of water. I do have my little cheats meals that I’ve worked in to help with just having more enjoyable meals and just to take the edge off of missing old bad foods I would have so much before. Two a week, one breakfast and the other a lunch on the weekend. Nothing excessive though.

I am happy to hear that you are figuring out what would be best for you! When thinking about the longer term, what will your days look like?

This page may be useful for additional information on fat loss.

We also have an article on cheat days/meals if you are interested in taking a look too!

I know I need to stay in the gym and keep a regular routin even if it’s just basic cardio. I’m going to have to raise my calorie intake when I’m done just losing weight but it’s something I’m really gonna have to figure out. I know itl be a slippery slope and I don’t want to slip into old habits. I want to use huel to continue replacing one meal a day, preferably lunch at work to save time, money, and just to make sure I’m having that healthy meal. Huel also has helped a lot with cravings especially since I love the sweet taste. Like I’m drinking a milkshake 🤷. I’m just going to have to master my self control. I don’t have to cut out foods from my life completely, just need to master a healthy balance.

I think that could be a great idea and know that each day will vary with regard to what you consume and Huel is just there to be another food option if you need or want it!

Along with the above, I think it’s also important to know that you will likely have to adjust your intake as you go - some changes you make to your daily intake might be things that work for you while others may not. That is ok too! I wanted to note this as sometimes we can be super hard on ourselves when a change we make to our intake doesn’t quite help us as we thought it would or maybe it’s a bit harder to follow than expected. Know that maybe this just wasn’t the right thing for you and it might be time to try something else!

Lastly, I agree that you don’t have to get rid of foods you enjoy entirely from your life and I don’t think you should! It’s more about moderation and also, as mentioned above, finding out what works best for you. By this, I really mean what makes you feel your happiest and healthiest overall.

We’re all here to cheer you on and support you along the way too. :tada: Keep us posted!

Just an update. I am officially done losing weight. I started at 254lbs and my goal was 185lbs. Well Ive hit 173lbs. I have no plans on discontinuing huel though. I’m actually having a huel shake with a huel snack bar added for extra calories for breakfast and lunch during the work week. They’re simple to make, taste great, good nutrition, and keeps majority of my meals planned out. I stopped going to the gym months ago because it was pretty miserable and just wanted more time to myself after work. My weight was still going down without the gym. Diet is the most important thing to focus on and I’m on my feet all day at work already. It’s been great going from worrying about eating too many calories to now trying to add more calories so I don’t keep losing weight! I never wanted to get into the 160lbs haha. That’s why I added the huel bars to my diet with the shakes and now I have more room to eat bigger dinners. It’s crazy to say I’m done :+1: