My Huel Dream Food!

I’m from the US, and I loooove Huel! I like it because it is how I always imagined people would eat in the future. I eat mostly huel! I have a chocolate or vanilla RTD every day for lunch and H&S for dinner most days. My husband and I are both anxiously waiting for Mac & Cheeze to come to the US! My husband especially because it has always been his dream to live off of Mac & Cheeze XD

This brings me to my Huel dream food! Everytime I’ve been asked “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?” I never ever hesitated. Hands-down, the food I NEVER get tired of, is peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

So, it’s not a shake or a powder… but… a nutritionally complete peanut butter & jelly sandwich is my absolute dream!

I added a single bag of Huel Black, peanut butter flavor to my order which is coming soon, and I was too excited to sleep last night XD it will be my first Huel powder. I freaking love peanut butter. I wasn’t a fan of the berry RTD, so I’m not enthusiastic about trying and mixing the powders to make a PB&J shake. That actually doesn’t sound delicious at all XD I’ll think about it.

Happy eating ^^


Hey @starlightkenna,

So stoked to hear you and your husband are such avid Hueligans :sparkling_heart:

Keep your eye out for Mac & Cheeze closer to November :wink:

Keep me posted you get on with that PB! It is one one my favs :yum: