Peanut Butter Huel

I just got my first bag of Peanut Butter flavored Huel 3.0 delivered. I have to say, it is fantastic. I opened the bag and the smell of peanut butter came out. Such a wonderful scent.

I mixed up my first shake in my Nutri Ninja for a lumpless drinking experience. Nothing added. It was very tasty. Very nice peanut butter flavor, not overly sweet. Definitely going to make this a replacement for my Vanilla. I’m a 3 bag a month guy. I am planning on using Huel for my main source of food for weight loss.

Great job Huel staff. Definitely a winner in my book.

Now to try the Hot and Savory Huel. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Happy to hear you are enjoying Peanut Butter Huel v3.0 powder! :slight_smile:

If you are interested, we have another forum thread that I linked here, which discusses the new peanut butter flavor and Huel Black Edition. I thought you may be interested for some of the combinations of flavors you can do with the peanut butter!


I’ve been on straight vanilla Huel for years. I just got a bag of PB Huel with my last shipment. Hope I like it as much as you do.


So excited to hear that you are trying Peanut Butter! Let us know your thoughts!

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The PB comes in the black?? How did I miss that? I thought it was only in the white bags. Grrr.

Also a super fan of the PB. Vanilla & berry are ones I like, but PB is one I need.

I had the same feeling with my Salted caramel bag. Now I’m disappointed I ordered only one salted caramel with one coffee-caramel because coffee caramel tastes aweful to me :’( I guess I will have to find someone near me that wants to exchange or to buy it…
I wish there was a possibility to buy samples of each flavour to help us choose the best ones for us!! >_<

NB: I will definitely try peanut butter next time because : HOW CAN IT BE NOT GOOD?!

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I have to say I just tried peanut butter this week too and it’s by far the best so far. I do have a bag of banana coming. I could drink chocolate or vanilla black and not really know which flavor it was unless I thought about it. The PB is very tasty

Are you all drinking the regular PB Huel or black edition?

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  3. I wanted a peanut butter flavored Huel that actually tasted good.

Thank you, Huel, for not making me waste my third. It’s actually really good.


I definitely agree and am excited to try salted caramel!

Black here. Mixed with banana and chocolate is how I roll. Yumm!!

I love the PB Huel! I wish I’d ordered a second bag of that! Next time!!!

I just got my new 3 bags of Huel after 2 months without. Oh, how I missed it. Peanut butter, chocolate, and berry. You can mix peanut butter and chocolate for a Peanut butter cup flavor, and peanut butter and berry for a peanut butter and jelly flavor. Maybe even chocolate and berry for a chocolate covered strawberry flavor. I may have to get the banana to get the peanut butter and banana sandwich flavor and chocolate and banana for the “frozen chocolate covered banana” flavor like in the amusement parks when I was a kid.

So many ways to combine these flavors.

I just went ahead and cleared a whole shelf in the pantry and got every flavor you just mentioned (except berry…not sure how I missed that one) to fill the entire shelf. It’s fun to experiment with different combinations beyond what you listed, which I’ve tried all of.

I also got 1 bag of unflavored to mix with the vanilla. It knocks down the overwhelming sweetness of the vanilla, which is almost sickening sweet without it.

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That is awesome Wilma. I am getting my Huel fix on a regular basis now. I just got the Huel Hot and Savory, and I am loving it. In this cold weather in Illinois, it is nice to have something hot for lunch and dinner. I had the Yellow Coconut Curry for lunch and the Mexican Chilli for dinner tonight. I made a bunch of chicken breasts in the crockpot, so when I make the Hot and Savory, I just grab a chicken breast and chop it up for a little extra protein. But honestly, it does not need the chicken. It’s just enough to fit in a coffee cup and it is filling.

I am strongly considering any of the flavored Huels (Chocolate, Peanut Butter, or Berry) added to Oatmeal in the morning. Good nutrition in a hot way, and tasty. (just thought of that)

Happy Hueling.

Been there, done that. You won’t be disappointed!

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The “roasted” part for me felt too pronounced, I wish I could scale it back, but I am a reese’s pb fan so I’m kind of off the mark already. That said I still enjoyed Huel PB black, thank you for creating it. :relaxed: