Mac and cheese in US?

So I seen the Hot and savory Mac and cheese seemingly blowing up on the UK posts but was shocked even searching for it here, couldn’t find anything. I have spent a few hours looking but wasn’t able to find anything. Does anyone know if/when that is planning on coming to the US?


With the Huel Oatmeal, por favor

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Hey @twisler13,
Mac & Cheeze is on its way to the US within the next few months :wink:


Let’s go!! Maybe US palettes are a little more discerning, with respect to Mac and Cheese. They need lots of tests and tweaks to hit the flavor and texture just right… I’m ready for it!

Drool. Yes, please. :drooling_face:

You have a good point, seeing as there are entire restaurants devoted to different types of Mac. We have a food truck in Portland called Mac’d, and their shells and cheese with jalapeños … just go ahead and fantasize about it. American palates seem to be a lot pickier than Brits. We need a shit ton of flavor, and it needs to be good, or we won’t eat it. Hence why people go ballistic on the boards when they get an “oops bag” of Huel without enough flavor (where presumably the batch doesn’t get mixed well).