First Day Compliments for Huel Black Edition

Today is my first day of replacing a traditional meal with Huel in the morning, then eating a standard dinner with the family later tonight.

I had tried Huel a few years ago with the standard edition, which I believe was in version 2? Not sure on that, but I do know that I did not care for the texture of the standard powder at that time, and for my nutrition goals, would have liked a lower carb count.

Enter today, drinking my first Banana Huel Black shake for breakfast after refrigerating overnight and shaking it up this morning… I am ecstatic. The banana flavor was moderate (not too mild, not too strong) and natural, yet sweet which I very much like in the morning. There was still a little powderiness, to be expected as every product I have ever tried with pea protein contains this texture, so it was familiarly powdery in a way that was not overpowering or chalky. The consistency was far more smooth than the original (thanks to the tapioca starch) and I love it. I’m sitting here keeping myself from making more because I am full, but it tastes so good.

I drank it while leading a lecture (1.25 hours) in one of my classes, and I feel the drink both kept me hydrated while presenting and kept me focused. I normally have morning brain fog and this would not have been the time! I sat through another lecture right after the first and still felt alert. This was the main reason I wanted to try Huel again in the first place, to correct my brain fog and lack of nutrition, so I am pleased that I feel the way I had hoped. Time will tell if this is consistent or just wishful thinking, but for now, I am a very happy Hueligan.

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Hey @KaySherbet,
I am so happy you are proud to be a Hueligan!
The Huel Banana is delicious(it’s one of my favorites):sparkling_heart:
Glad that Huel is keeping the brain fog away!