I had no idea Huel would be so good

I decided to give Huel a shot because I have had always had diet issues (I’m actually under weight but still very unhealthy eating habits). I got my first shipment 5 days ago and not only am I hooked I want more… So instead of just doing 1 meal a day I’ve decided to start doing 2.


Yes , on the online presence of like 2 people saying it was gross almost swayed me into not trying it. GOOD thing I’m a knucklehead and walk the road less traveled.
It’s exactly what I was searching for.


So happy you and @MiddlePath took a chance on us! I think a lot of us, even myself, can relate to being skeptical at first. When I started working here, I half-expected to discover all the secret bad things about Huel, but nope, it’s the real deal with real deal people behind it who truly care about our Huelers. Glad you guys love it! That’s what it’s all about. Happy Hueling!


Real nice change of pass in this world of “Fitness Crazes”

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Great - I am a month and a half into my Huel Journey - thought it was going to be difficult to do 2 meals a day, but surprisingly have stayed committed to 2 Huel meal each day through out. The best part is, I love the taste !


It takes a lot of courage to walk the road less traveled. I think it’s where you find all the good stuff.


Just got my first shipment yesterday, and had my first Huel lunch today. i didn’t notice until around 5 pm that I didn’t have an urge to snack, and didn’t feel hungry all afternoon. I think clicking on that Facebook ad was perfect.


I am just addicted to Huel and all that it embodies. I have been Vegan now for 1 year and down 40lbs and feeling great. Adding Huel to my diet has truly helped me in capturing optimal nutrition.