Huel is saving me

Let me explain; I am a person with a myriad of health issues. With these health issues have come medications , side effects and Ill effects . I drink huel twice a day (breakfast and lunch) two scoops each ,and have now for a few months. The changes I have seen are indisputable - it’s the Huel! After 16+ years of bad tests , the results are now -My cholesterol is normal, hypoglycemia no longer an ongoing issue and glucose tests normal, my hair is finally normal, my IBS is no longer an issue, my leukopenia is no longer , I no longer feel starving and frustrated over what to eat because my body rejects most things since having a chronic illness and allergic to so much . I use to take 50,000 IUD of vit d twice weekly plus a 1000 iud vit d daily and still was deficient . I no longer have to take any of my vit d prescriptions and my tests are coming in normal after all this time, I’m talking 16+ yrs . I was so tired of every doctor giving me diets to do and no results . I have not lost any weight but I won’t complain because my numbers are showing great for lab work! Huel hasn’t cured or halted my conditions but what it has done is give my body a fighting chance everyday to get up and do it again! I’m not one to review products generally but I felt if it helps one person out there make a decision to give it a try then it was worth sharing my experience so far .


So excited for you! Yes, Huel is saving me, too. I’m a vegan on the road, full-time in an RV, and often the food stores are far away or don’t have any healthy/vegan options. I feel so much better with Huel, knowing I’m getting the nutrients I need and saving tons of money and animal lives by avoiding the drive-thru. Huel on, sister!


Awesome it’s helping you so much! I did giggle a little at vitamin D IUD because IUD means intrauterine device. I assume you meant IUs (international units).

Best of luck. Hope it keeps helping.

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Haha , oops yes I actually meant to just put IU , you are absolutely correct, autocorrect has its way with my phone keyboard sometimes :laughing:

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This is just unbelievably phenomenal❤ I’m so thrilled Huel has found a positive and beneficial place in your day to day life. You’re an All-Star Hueligan🏆 Keep up the awesome work and if you need anything at all in the future don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

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