Huel 3.0 is fine

I finally got Huel 3.0 in my latest subscription delivery (3.0 berry, 1.1 vanilla), and it’s much more flavorful than 1.1 berry was. There are lots of small clumps when I make it, but that’s not a problem for me.

I’ll be picking up Huel Black when these run out, to try it out and see which I prefer, but I wanted to make sure t it was known that the dislike of 3.0 isn’t universal.

Glad to hear you’re a fan, @Markus! I think you just might love Black Edition as well😁

Enjoy your day!

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Glad to hear the berry is good! I’ve got that added to my next order!
I think the black chocolate is pretty good, I haven’t notice any clumping with it so far (about once a day for a month).

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