Muscle gain and diabetes

Hi. New here. I am type2 diabetes but weight is not a problem. Whilst managing diet though I need to add some muscle mass and was wondering what huels are good for muscle gain. Either pure protein mix or a meal replacement, preferably breakfast. Thank you.

I’ve been using Huel for muscle gain for the last year and I’ve seen great results. Take a look at it’s protein to calorie ratio - it’s phenomenal.

That is great thanks. Can you tell me which Huels you have used more?

I use Huel 3.0 (chocolate) as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch and then I use Huel Complete Protein (vanilla caramel) post workout and as a dessert. I have a high protein dinner (non-Huel). This easily helps me keep calories in check while hitting my goal of 100g of protein daily.

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Hey @NilS - welcome to the US Huel forum!

Great to see that Huel’s been able to help and that you’ve found a dietary pattern that is working for you. :slight_smile: You also hit it spot on in that everyone will be different and it’s important to figure out works for you (and sometimes you may have to tinker with your intake until you figure out what works best and that is totally ok!).

With that being said, all Huel products can be suitable to include in your intake if you’re looking to build muscle as well as if you have type 2 diabetes - it just depends on what your specific daily needs/goals are for nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein, what else you’re eating, and how often you’re looking to have Huel too!

We actually have a page that you may find helpful on the topic of building muscle and what to eat! I’ve linked it here.

If it’s alright, I’d also love to learn a bit more to see if I can further help! How often are you looking to have Huel and do you have any specific goals for any nutrients such as carbohydrates per meal/snack or overall each day, or for protein?

Thank you for this. Interestingly I do not have a daily goal of intake of protein and carbs. Whilst I am looking to gain muscle that is because I have reduced a lot of carbs from my diet to help maintain control over type 2 diabetes without medication. I recently acquired a Veri patch which helps measure blood glucose after meals etc and this has been an eye opener for me. Everyone says oats are great but I find my readings spike after eating them. I am mainly on a plant diet but am not vegetarian. So the reduction in carbs has led to a weight loss but strangely also muscle reduction. Hence the trial of Huel. I am looking for now to use it as a one meal replacement and see how my readings are and how my body reacts generally. I am 63 so not looking to become a mass muscle specimen. Thanks.

My experience as a 60 yo male (6-1 and 200lbs) is that my protein intake must be at the higher end of the recommended range to offset the effects of age related lean muscle loss which is parltly due to an older body not being as efficient at metabolizing protein.
To get this high protein intake I use Huel black and actually have reminders set on my phone throught the day.
With the increased protein intake and exercise (pushups, pullups, other body weight exercises and a few weights - all done at home) i have reversed the muscle loss and my physique is basically the same as 30 years ago. Now if i could only process oxygen the way i could 30 years ago.

Loyd. I am in awe. An inspiration. My first couple of days with huel have been very good with a very stable blood glucose line so gives me confidence to step it up. Now to be disciplined about exercise. Thanks again. Very helpful.

For fuel during exercise and to avoid exercise simply whittling away at your lean muscle mass, especially for someone trying to avoid simple sugars, I HIGHLY recommend Hammer Nutrition products. They make a big difference and I use their products daily.

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