Help please - concerned about weight gain

Hi all,

I have just ordered a bag of dust each for me and the missus. I am looking to go 100% huel but finding it hard to work out exactly how people tend to split this up and unless I am missing it cannot find the 100% HUEL guide on the website. I do boxing and Kickboxing, home workouts and go to the gym (running due to start abck up soon) and am concerned about weight gain vs muscle loss - do people recommend more HUEL or throwing in a scoop or two of lean protein powder.

My wife on the other hand is just looking to lose weight but does do karate a couple of times a week and the gym once or twice - is there an easy way of making sure the recommended weight loss 400kcal deficit wont cause her too lose too much muscle/energy issues?

Go gentle - I did have a read but was still not overly comfortable


Hey Lewis,

You’re very unlikely to lose muscle unless you are not eating enough protein (which is hard on a Western diet) or you stop exercising completely. Protein requirements are lower than what you see touted across the internet. About 0.5g of protein per lb of body weight will safely maintain muscle and 0.7g per lb and above for gaining muscle. Most people don’t have Huel for all their meals and find it easier and more sustainable to have Huel for one/two meals. Huel is high in protein and will easily hit any protein goals you have with 29g of protein per 400kcal. This is on top of all the other nutrients that will aid muscle maintenance.

Weight loss/gain is all about calories as you pointed out. Here’s a guide on weight gain for you: and a guide on fat loss for your wife:

Once you’ve worked out your calorie needs it’s a bit of trial and error to lose/maintain/gain weight which is why stepping on the scales or looking in the mirror once a week can help to track your progress. If your wife makes sure she is exercising and getting everything she needs by eating a variety of wholefoods (apps like Myfitnesspal can help with this) then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. She may feel tired at points but that’s one the unfortunate side effects of weight loss - it isn’t that fun.

Let me know if any of that is unclear or you have more questions.

Thanks Dan - yeah my maintenance calories of 2994 means I will be getting over 200g protein which as you say is plenty. I am looking to lose fat but not muscle as I am doing daily exercise at the moment in one way or the other - going off of your recommended tables i get the below info:
Mild Weight Loss-2744
Weight Loss-2494
Extreme Weight Loss-1994
I just can’t work out what to start on as I do want to keep increasing my lean muscle during this period. Anyones feedback welcome - i was thinking maintain but perhaps mild weight loss which still hits me with 199g of protein daily

ahhhhh decisions decisions

It’s pretty difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, it’s why most people go through bulking (gaining muscle) and cutting (losing fat) stages.

I wouldn’t worry about losing muscle if you’re exercising and meeting 0.5g of protein per lb of of body weight which it sounds like you will do easily.

Thanks - normally I do bulk and then cut but promised the Mrs I would do this with her for support so trying not to get any detriment to me in the meantime.
1st shake down - Vanilla - nice. Think I will just have 4 shakes and a bar today - gives me the protein I need (rest day anyway) and a calorie deficit for a bit of fat loss.


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