Good product for athletes and people on the go

I have been rowing competitively for eight years now, and I have always struggled to get enough calories from a regular diet alone. This product is advertised for health and weight loss, but it is also great when it is supplemented to a regular diet, in order to add extra calories and gain lean muscle. Ever since I started using it I have been able to stay on track with my calorie intake by eating my regular meals and drinking huel on the side. It has been a huge help in being able to gain useful muscle mass and it also makes it easier and less worrisome to get in all of the necessary daily nutrition. I have been using it for over a year now, and I would highly recommend it for any athlete who is trying to increase their performance level. Also, even if you are not an athlete, huel has been very useful for me as someone who is constantly on the go as well. Whether I am going to classes or to work, it is always much more convenient to shake up a bottle of huel in the morning than it is to make a full meal that would match the same amount of calories and nutrition. Great product for any type of person.


ive become an athlete with huel , supplements and dedication to exercize… since 14 months ago. i now have it 6-7 times a day (black v1) plus nuts and fruit, seeds n veg… im getting more muscle packed on.

very happy with results.


Thank you for your awesome feedback. Huel is not technically advertised for weight or gain loss, our aim is towards the ability to have a nutritional meal on-the-go. However, the beauty of our product is that you can use for many other things, including, weight loss or gain. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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