MRE replacement for Military

Has anyone from huel looked into selling this to the army, navy, etc. It appears to be a far superior option to what is currently used (MREs) for the field environment. It beats MREs in nutritional value, size to transport equivalent calories, garbage created, cost, and is probably about equal in terms of ease of consumption. If this hasn’t been already thought of, I would highly recommend it. I would be happy to be a reference/ resource if it’s something you think seriously about.


But then they’d miss out on that delicious rib shaped pork patty or oddly coagulated beef stew :nauseated_face:


Thanks for your input, @Jrk90! This is something I’ll pass along to the Huel team.


The is simply not enough calories in huel to sustain the war fighter during field operations. The amount you would have to consume to match a standard MRE which is around 2500 to 3000 calories.

A serving of huel is however many calories you want to make it. I currently consume about 2700 calories per day from huel. And I’m not sure what MREs you are referring to, but the ones the US Army serves have nowhere near 3k calories. Closer to 1300 total.

Yep you are correct I was thinking of my cold weather rations we had in Bridgeport! I still don’t think you could carry enough huel to keep a warfighter going! At least from the perspective of a Grunt Corpsman!

@Thunderstruck as an Army grunt turned medic, and having recently deployed, I was able to make two-scoop servings that I kept in small ziplock bags. 4 of those baggies (about 1200 calories) pack down to about the size of a single main meal and weigh less than half of a field stripped MRE. This would be an excellent alternative to MREs, especially considering the improved macro ratio.


I don’t know much about military MRE’s, but even if not a replacement, it could be a good supplement, snack, etc. (such as a nutrient-rich lemonade or coffee replacement option. Do they have those?)
Besides, don’t those MRE’s have constipation side effects?
All joking included, the lethal gas could be helpful in war too.

But before you release Huel to the military, Make sure to go on the stock market first. We All Want To Be Rich!

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