I'm curious, but have a few questions

Hi All, new to Huel, not ordered yet, but am curious for the convenience of easy, healthy nutrition.

I’m a farmer and a builder, tall and skinny with a fast matabolism… (not sure if that’s science, but regardless, whatever I eat, I stay lean)

I noticed the governmental recommendations are 800-850 cal a meal for a man, but your portions sizes are only 500. Why is that?

Secondly is Huel GMO and Soy free?


Hi there! Thanks for reaching out!

The beauty of Huel is that it is easily customizable to whatever amount you would like to consume. The standard 500 calorie serving we recommend is based on an average 2,000 calorie per day diet. However, caloric intake needs are going to be different for everyone and I recommend checking out our how-to guide that walks you through how to figure out how many calories (and servings of Huel) you need: https://us.huel.com/pages/how-to-use#Step%201

Let us know if you have ant other questions. :slight_smile: