Version of huel based on 4k daily calorie intake?

Huel costs ~$7 per 2k calories but I need 4k calories per day to maintain weight. If there were a version of Huel based on a 4k daily calorie intake, what would it cost? I’m thinking that Huel 4k would have double the macronutrients of Huel 2k, with the same amount of micronutrients.

Another way to ask the question is what percentage of the cost of Huel does the micronutrient component represent? I realize I could just consume 4k calories of 2k Huel but doing this wastes some micronutrients. However, if micronutrients are an insignificant portion of the cost of Huel then it doesn’t really matter.

Any ideas?

First - Cool name. :facepunch::+1:

Second - In order for Huel to create a 4k version, like you said without waisting micronutrients, they would need to have to add much more of the carb/protien/fat profile - which would create a whole new product.

May I suggest supplementing the 2k version with some of the foods you used to eat before Huel? I am only Hueling 3 meals a day so I am supplementing my missing calories with an eggwhite and veggie breakfast, a post workout whey shake and a lean meat dinner.

Although supplementing 2k calories on top of 2k Huel does seem like a lot of effort and counter productive to the ethos of Huel.

FYI - adding 1 scoop of ON Gold standard Whey to each of your 4 servings will add just under 500 calories and just over 90g more protein.

Good luck. I’d like to see what other advice people provide you.