Moved on to daily harvest smoothies

Unfortunately, I can’t stomach the new Huel version 3.0. The texture/taste just doesn’t work for me anymore, which is definitely preference, but I wish they kept the old formula. For those that aren’t satisfied with the new changes, I’ve tried daily harvest smoothies and they taste really good and have a lot of nutrients too. Plus its a lot of whole foods, so it’s really fresh. Just a thought, but I’m really sad that I can’t buy this powder anymore.

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@sfranklin137 - Did you try the Black Edition? I have been using Huel since April 2019. I liked the version 1.1 Powder. When I got the Huel v3.0 - I HATED it, I couldn’t stomach it either. The new sweetener (or whatever is causing the fake chemical flavor) is horrible. I switched to the Black Edition Chocolate and it’s Awesome! I love the flavor of it. It’s nothing like v3.0. Also, Huel Black Edition is $2.21 per serving compared to Daily Harvest @ $6.99 per serving. HUGE savings and better for you!

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I agree it’s cheaper, but considering it’s not just a powder I kind of like it better than huel now. There’s just a lot more options and less changes haha. You know what you’re getting. I can’t afford to pay $60 to not know exactly how a powder is going to taste.


It sucks to hear you’re not a fan of v3.0 Sarah. What is it you don’t like?

Daily harvest look nice for fruit smoothies. Just be wary at around 150kcal this is not enough for a meal and they’re missing several essential nutrients so is not similar to Huel at all.

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They actually have ones around 450-500 cals! And its the taste and texture of 3.0 I’m not a fan of.

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Sorry I didn’t spot them!

If you could provide anymore details I can feed this back to the development team.