Why so many negative v3.0 posts?

I’ve barely noticed a change in taste, texture (there are a few more lumps, but whatever), or digestion. All the negative posts about v3.0 almost scared me off.

I like Huel for the convenience and health factors…these are my reasons for drinking Huel.

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This happens every time they make a change. Internet forums have a bias toward negative feedback, since most people only show up when there is a problem. Consumers who didn’t notice the change in formula, or those who are not bothered by it, are far less likely to come here and comment. It’s good that you did.

Only future Huel sales will confirm the success or failure of the changes.


The flavor is significantly different from Original Vanilla. If you haven’t noticed a big difference, you must be coming to 3.0 from New Vanilla. I have a preference for the flavor of Original Vanilla, but I don’t feel as strongly about it as some.

I agree about the texture. The finer powder does seem to clump more. Some people just have a hard time with weird food textures, and so I can understand how they would be really bothered by the clumps. I think it’s a negative, but again, I don’t feel strongly about it. I’m sure I’ll eventually figure out a good mixing strategy that doesn’t require the cleaning of a blender. I am admittedly lazy about my Huel preparation.

I am happy that the texture of Huel 3.0 powder has retained it’s smoothie-like consistency, however. I’d be pretty sad if they tried to match an RTD texture with the powder. If the texture of Huel powder someday ended up like a protein shake, I’d be looking for a new product.

But man, I wish they would bring back Original Vanilla as a flavor of 3.0. I really enjoyed it as a flavor on its own, and it’s subtle enough that it really works perfectly with the flavor boosts. Vanilla 3.0 is too strong a flavor on its own to accept anything but very strong flavoring, in my opinion… but some people don’t appreciate subtle flavor and want some candy bar tasting thing for every meal. To each their own.

Differences in taste are really remarkable. I found the original vanilla to be the opposite of subtle. I had to mix it 50/50 with U/U because I found the sweetness overwhelming. When new vanilla showed up, I didn’t have to do that anymore. Now, with Huel Black I’m even happier, because the sweetness is even further reduced.

But I know that Og Vanilla has a lot of of fans, many of whom appreciate how well it worked with flavor boosts. I never got into the flavor boosts, so never got to judge that.

The good news is that Huel have said that they are trying to produce a 3.0 Original.

Oh, I definitely agree that Original Vanilla is sweet… I guess when I said the flavor was subtle, I was thinking the flavor itself as separate from the sweetness.

I agree that New Vanilla is less sweet, but the flavor is much more opinionated, I guess. I perceived Orignal as being more like lightly flavored (albeit pretty sweet) oatmeal, and New Vanilla reminds me of the flavor of Vanilla Ensure or Boost or a protein shake. I’d be happy with a less sweet version of Original Vanilla flavor, but then others would say it’s bland like cardboard. There’s no making everyone happy, and it must be incredibly frustrating for Huel to be excited about a product release and have it met with so much negative feedback. As is usually the case, people who are content with a product are less likely to offer feedback than those who are irate.

Your opinion of the flavor of Huel Black has definitely piqued my interest.

Okay, gotcha. I totally agree that the flavor of original was much less conventionally vanilla than new vanilla, which does have that cake batter thing going on :slight_smile: And I get why people prefer something less “opinionated”.

It’s too bad you can’t just try a sample of Huel Black. I do think that this version lends itself to samples. It takes less fussing to figure out whether it works for you. On the other hand, though it’s far less sweet and less prominent, the actual flavor of Black Vanilla is similar to New Vanilla, just less heavy handed.

I have 4 bags of 1.1 so that we can get through an unopened bag of chocolate mint flavor boost, but then I’m done with longing for the old formula.

Unless they do come back with a 3.0 Original flavor (I’m not getting my hopes up), I’m thinking I’ll make the switch to Huel Black Vanilla. I usually only eat two meals a day, one of which is Huel, so getting enough protein from that second meal can be a challenge and I end up needing to supplement about 20g of protein from a shake. It’d be nice to get that from Huel instead.

Agreed. 3.0 (Choc & Vanilla) changes have been fine, mostly for the better. Don’t be scared off by the negative posts here - everyone should form their own opinion.