More HUEL TIPS 2019

  1. Try mixing the flavors of HUEL…like buy one berry flavored and one vanilla pack and do a 50/50 split…very unique but tasty combination. Maybe chocolate and vanilla will be my next adventure…
  2. HUEL powder packages now come with a new scooper now sometimes you don’t get a scooper in your package or it simply gets buried to the bottom of the bag during shipment so keep a spare scooper handy and don’t throw them out…saves a lot of frustration.
  3. The new HUEL drinks I am not really a fan of. The only reason is I don’t get to control how much I wish to consume and that it’s made for me. It kind of falls Into the Kool-Aid conundrum for me like you either make your own Kool-Aid which is with as much sugar as you want or you buy the one off the shelf which is up to them how much sugar is included. I personally like to be in control of exactly how much I have per serving and per day and it’s also cheaper so think about that before you wish to invest in some of their fuel drinks. Now this is my complete personal preference and doesn’t mean that the premade bottles are bad, I just like being in control of the amount but that’s just me.
  4. I mentioned this before but after you finished with your HEUL in your shaker to rinse it out immediately, I can’t emphasize this enough because even if you leave like a little bit it starts to accumulate and kind of gels up and they can get clogged uo dishwashers And then overtime if it’s not rinsed out it starts to smell, So basically when you’re done just rinse it out completely just like you would do with any protein shake or any other meal substitute.
  5. Another Thing I do with HUEL is I take two scoops of the HUEl Powder and put it into a Ziploc bag and I bring it to work with me inside the shaker bottle and then when I’m ready to consume it I take the bag out of the bottle fill it with water put in the HUEL and I’m good to go. I wonder ifin the future HUEK might make pre-made Packages of HUEL for situations like this where you could almost carry it in your bag or have a couple at work or are you just gonna grab the packet Open it up dump the contents into your shaker cup shake it up and you’re good to go.
  6. I’m not really a big fan of their flavor packets, don’t get me wrong they taste really good but they’re kind of on the little bit on the spendy side so I lean more towards putting your own flavors into your HUEL for any extra flavor it’s much cheaper and you get it just the way you like so I would recommend using your own ingredients instead of their flavor packets.
  7. Another Tip I have is to not consume the entire bottle at once. I sip it throughout a two hour period between when I wake up into about 10 AM give or take because it’s easier on your stomach and also kind of keeps you full throughout the day. There’s also helps avoid people who have complained on the farms about having some stomach issues while drinking HUEL, I’ve always wondered if they just drank the entire thing at once and it doesn’t matter what supplement the food is that is not good for your stomach at all to consume that much so fast…go slow.
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Actually, adding your own flavors is a lot more expensive than using their flavors. Think of how expensive it is to add actual berries to get a berry flavor, and so forth. Or before you say that a tub of cocoa powder is actually cheaper than the chocolate flavor best, think of the fact that you have to add around 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder in order to taste it whereas with the flavor of the list, you have to add a teaspoon. Then meant chocolate chip would be especially expensive to produce because you can’t manufacture I meant flavor in the lab, so you would have to buy extract.

I do partially agree with you sometimes the additives can be more expensive than the flavor packs. But as far as berries go which I use all the time I buy a bag of frozen berries because they’re much much cheaper then fresh berries and they also last longer.

Vanilla blended with frozen blueberries, add some chia after…shake, then let chill in the fridge for an hour.

Absolutely delicious, but rarely lasts more than a few minutes. :slight_smile:

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But a bag of frozen berries would be three or four dollars, and it would last for three times at the most. The flavor pack is $12, and it will last for at least 30 times.

That is true but those flavor packs are full of unnecessary unnatural sweeteners and other additives which I’ll pass on which is why I go frozen or fresh berries.

I think most people only put a few berries in not a third of a bag.

Great advice! Thanks for putting the time and effort into the list.

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That is pointless then because you can’t taste them.

Sabra Ewing

I take an entire bag of Huel to work and keep it at my desk. I ordered a second shaker bottle which I keep at work too. I can use the break room to prepare Huel for breakfast and lunch.

I agree, Huel is a nightmare to clean up, clean the shaker ASAP.

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I don’t agree with no 7. No 400 calorie meal is meant to be consumed over 2 hours.

I drink 2 shakes back to back which are about 900 calories in total and do that within 30-60 minutes. The hard part is just the amount of water intake. That’s about 1000ml

Try the 50/50 chocolate and vanilla. I’m still not a huge fan, but it makes the chocolate more tolerable, and I’m not a fan of the chocolate.

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