New-ish to trying Huel

I am using Huel as meal replacements to create a caloric deficit in hopes of losing some quaran15 weight. I tried the black formula before and now am trying the white.

Previously, I tried the unsweetened, and it was really only bearable for me when I added a flavor boost of halved it with a flavored scoop (1 scoop unflavored plus 1 scoop chocolate).

Still trying to figure out how to make them not lumpy without whipping out a blender (hands folded, fingers crossed).

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Hi there! :slight_smile:

Yes! I agree - unsweetened and unflavored is something that many mix with other flavors or add ins (like flavor boosts or frozen fruit). The benefit to unsweetened and unflavored is that you can flavor it yourself - or you can do half and half with other powders, which you mentioned! Which flavor boosts have you tried? Any favorites yet?!

Additionally, Huel can be part of your daily food intake whether your goal is weight loss, maintenance, or gain! This page from our website provides a bit more information about weight loss, if you are interested!

Lastly, something to try to get your Huel smoother in consistency when using the shaker is to add half of the amount of water or plant based milk with the two scoops of powder and shake. Adding half of the amount of fluid at first makes it a bit easier for the contents of the shaker to get all mixed up and incorporated. Another thing to try would be add one scoop first shake it up, then add the second scoop after the first has incorporated. After this, add in the rest of the fluid of choice (water or plant based milk), and shake some more. You can also add some ice cubes! I personally find that if I add the ice cubes at the start, it does not get as nicely mixed up so I add them in at the end. Would love to hear if you have tried either of these methods to make your Huel before and if they help at all!

I don’t understand why ppl are so reluctant to using the blender? Personally, I wouldn’t do it any other way. It takes me all of 6-8 minutes to make my shakes, which typically contain 3 additional items (in addition to the liquid and powder) minimum.

I use the Blender Bottle shaker when I’m on the go. No clumps for me.

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I don’t want to use a blender because that’s something else to clean, and when I’m camping…I don’t have access to one.

Fair enuff. I completely understand.

agreed, i do not use a blender for a couple reasons:

  1. i work a weird shift and am a nice enough roommate to not be blending stuff in the middle of the night lol
  2. like stated above its just another thing to clean

i have no clumps and perfect results doing the following:
-put a little water in the bottom of the bottle
-add powder
-fill rest of water on top
-shake for a little bit
-leave in fridge overnight

i make all my meals for the next day before going to bed, wake up grab out of fridge, no clumps no problems.

If for some reason i forgot to make it the night before then yes clumping can be a problem, just got to shake alot more and dilute with more water if needed

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That IS thoughtful of you.
Me, I live alone so fortunately I only have those other 2 to worry about. You know, myself and I. :joy: