Scoop and shaker missing

I placed my first order and was supposed to get a free t-shirt, scoop, and shaker, or so I thought. I got the T-shirt only. Did I misunderstand about the shaker and scoop?

Thank you.

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Same. I received my first order today, but the shaker was not included😂

Same here. Ordered my first powder and never got the shaker nor scoop. I emailed Huel about it.

I just received my first order and was very surprised it didn’t come with the shaker and scoop. Disappointed already. Luckily I have left over protein scoops that I can use but afraid that I am not getting the right serving amount that is required. Honestly I would rather have the free scoop and shaker over the t-shirt.

Hello all! We ran into a minor issue with orders around this time–a bunch of people were missing shakers and scoops. Not to worry, I’ll ship these out now.

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I received my order earlier this week. It was also missing the scoop and the shaker.

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I got my shaker but did not get the scoop, Tyler. Can you send me one?

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Use a heaping 1/3 cup. I got an unexpected scoop and shaker in my subscription today like a prize in the Cracker Jacks. The blender will work FAR better for you than a shaker, then pour it in a glass jar and refrigerate before you drink it. Just saying. I am a Huel addict…