Scoopers not I'm bags?

Why does a bag of huel not come with a scooper?

First orders come with a scoop! We don’t send out scoops with each order to help reduce waste.

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@Carnifex - If you need another scoop, you can request one while checking out. If I’m not mistaken, you can add it to your cart for free. I now have Huel at home and at work, so I got a second scoop. You definitely don’t need a reusable scoop every time you get a bag, or even per order.

It doesn’t work. I clicked the box to add a scooper in my last 2 orders and they never sent me one. But I just use the OG Huel scoop instead. Or one of my kitchen measuring scoops works.

This was my first order. I never got a scooper.

I’m fact the box the two bags came in was damaged and half opened. The bags were okay but there box was shredded.

Carnifex the same thing I
Happened but I also never recieved my mixer as well and the shirt was the wrong size.

I never got a shirt.

Needless to say I’ll never order from them again.

This is an absolutely abysmal product.

I can get better at vitamin shoppe.

Hey there. Sorry for the delayed response here. I’ll send you a PM now to get to the bottom of this!

Hi Tyler, I recently purchased some powder that has not shipped just yet. I made sure to add the shaker to my order, but I’m concerned now with all the scoops and shakers missing that it might not get shipped to me. Is there any way you could confirm that a shaker and a scoop will be included in my shipment? My first (and only other) purchase of powder was over a year ago, and since I’ve moved twice since then, I’ve lost both the scoop and shaker. Thanks so much! Btw, the berry RTD is amazing, and I’m hoping the berry powder is as good as people say it is!

Hi! I see the shaker and scoop on this order. If they aren’t included, please reply back here or message us at