Missing scoops from an order to New Zealand. How many grams would the normal 3 scoops be?

Hi guys,

Ordered Huel here all the way in New Zealand and there is no scoop :frowning:

Since I’m so far away - Happy to just go out and buy a few new scoop myself so if someone could tell me if I should be looking at a 1/2 cup or 1 cup scoop to use, I’ll get out and get a few scoops!

I think I just want it breakfast and have the normal portion.

3/4 cup of powder is 100 grams

I suggest using a food scale and whatever scoop/spoon/spatula/etc you already have to familiarize yourself with how much powder is a serving. I’m almost able to reliably “eyeball” within 4 grams of the 100g serving. I don’t know why I still measure, it’s not like the variation in 16 calories is relevant… but it’s a game.