Missing packages

Fedex says my package was delivered, but I never got anything. So I ordered another one, and the same thing happened today.

I even tried to require a signature but Fedex won’t allow it.

A similar thing happened to me. I ordered almost 2 weeks ago and the tracking they gave me said that a label was printed and FedEx never received the package. Something is up here. I got a partial refund, but I really just want my Huel. Why can’t they use USPS priority? Fed Ex sucks.

@huel1 Sorry to hear that! I have messaged you personally to get more information about your order(s).

@macrobano it seems that one of our CE team members got in touch with you and created a replacement order. However, I have personally dropped a message to you to see if there was any additional help that you many need :grin:

I have been in contact with them. Nothing needed on this end. Allegedly the order was supposed to go out today, BUT it says the same thing it did last time which is that a label was printed, but they haven’t received the product. Why do you guys even use Fed Ex? I never have these problems with USPS and they are cheaper. Assuming you guys are really bringing the stuff to the shipping location, there might be someone at that location either screwing it up or pocketing some of the orders. I have never seen tracking that wasn’t input as soon as they got the package. We’ll see what happens on wednesday. So far, two weeks later, this is way too unreliable to be used as a food source, especially if the stuff doesn’t come when it’s supposed to.

@macrobano I got in touch with you via message to explain a bit further about your order and replacement and any tracking queries about it. :blush:

USPS is just awful these days too! I have packages going around in circles via USPS sadly. One was supposed to be delivered weeks ago, and others have reported packages arriving MONTHS late. I’ve started avoiding USPS if at all possible for right now.

I think all the shipping companies are in trouble right now. USPS used to be the best but not lately. UPS seems to still be OK, but I don’t know how long that will last.

It also seems to depend on where you live and are shipping from. Philly area is a mess for shipping, but other places I’m hearing it’s still OK.

I apologize for being late to this. I ordered on February 5th and it is now February 13th and I am having the exact same experience with USPS and not receiving my order.