Missing package with myHuel

I ordered my Huel on the 4th and requested 2 extra scoops… I received the scoops but never got the Huel yet. Upon tracking the packages, it shows 2 packages, both with the same tracking number… and both say delivered.

Order #254525

Ordered December 05, 2018 03:54AM

Fulfilled December 05, 2018 [USPS #9400111205483892883169]

Fulfilled December 05, 2018 [USPS #9400111205483892883169]

However, all I got was a small 6x6x6" box with the two scoops in it. No other packages. Ugh… Unless my mailman really likes the taste of Huel, I am wondering if it was sent or not… with both packages having the same tracking number. Can someone reach out to me and tell me what happened to my Huel?

Edit: I’ve sent an email to customer support after receiving my mail today, and still no Huel Fuel! Thank god I ordered early!


Jonathan Ross

Hey Jonathan.

Sorry about this! I’ll PM you now so we can get this figured out.

I just had the same exact issue, total BS. If I’m not contacted they will lose a customer. 3 items ordered, 1 item shipped, I was billed for the full shipment= rip off.

Tarheel, send them an email, they responded and sent mine out right away. Being delivered tomorrow.

I sent one last night with no response. For a company like this not to have a way to communicate with their customers is completely unacceptable. That is why I resorted to this forum. If I can’t get help, everyone viewing this will what kind of service to expect.

Hey Scott. We’ve replied to your emails and have sent you a new package. Sorry about the troubles!