Missing Items - Poor Shipping Habbits

  1. Never received shipping conformation
  2. Ripped box and punctured bag (powder everywhere) - yay
  3. I didn’t receive the stainless bottle I ordered and paid for

I want some sort of assurance from customer service that this is a one time oversight and my missing item is being sent out right away without accruing another charge or the charge is being refunded.

I can take a hit on the spilled product, although I really shouldn’t have to - NOT a great first impression.

*My order conformation and bank statement both show a $81.60 charge
Shipping list shows a $66.60 charge. (- $15.00)

If you haven’t yet, try emailing them at support@huel.com

Keep in mind they’ve probably gone home for the day (it’s after 5 pm now in Texas), so it won’t get looked at till tomorrow. I had an issue with a past shipment, used that email, and got a response in about 24 hours.

Hi @SpicyCajun

I wanted to give you an updated on your order.

  1. The original shipping label was voided causing the system to not generate a shipping confirmation.
  2. I’m sorry to hear you have received a damaged bag. I have immediately get another order sent to you.
  3. Stainless bottles will be back in-stock this upcoming Monday. Expect the bottle to arrive within 5-7 business days after. I have a refund processed right away if you like.

I know first impressions are hard to change but we hope to serve you better in the future. For any other question you can reach me directly at sothan@huel.com

I really appreciate your fast response and willingness to help with my troubles. A refund will be fine. Thanks again. Hope you have a great evening.