Expired huel. Is it safe?

I only supplement one meal per day or so I ended up with a completely unused unopened bag. Is it safe to consume? Can I swap it out? Seems like a huge waste of money that I have to buy 2 bags at once.

I have used the previous version of vanilla Huel and had ordered a lot of it, 1 bag ended up sitting til it was 2 months expired. I opened it and used it all within 3 weeks, I didn’t notice any off flavor or negative effects. Personally I feel it’s more of a best buy date rather than an expiration date. In my personal opinion I think it’s fine.

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Alex is right Crystal it’s a best before date rather than an expiration date.

Huel should still be safe to consume after the date on your bag but the quality will deteriorate after time. For example, some of the vitamins and minerals will start to degrade so the nutritional quality will not be optimum.


Ok. Thanks for your replies! I appreciate it.

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