Quick question about expiration

Hey! Just got my first Huel order couple of days ago and so far been liking it. Expiration date is far in the future and I’ll most likely consume them before the expiration date but one thing got me thinking. How long does Huel last when the package is opened? I read or watched somewhere that it was not full time but now that I want to confirm this for my self I cannot find it anywhere.

On a little side note. It’s quite late here so there’s possibility that I’ve just missed it completely on a visible page. :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!

6 Months stated by Huel

Source: How long is an opened bag of Huel good for?

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This depends on which product it is, but as @Justin_Keikhlasan said for our Huel powder pouches you have 6 months once opened :slightly_smiling_face: