Expirations date on my Huel?

I had purchased 2 bags of Huel last year, unfortunately I had some major health issues and was not able to finish my huel diet! I just found the second unopened bag in the pantry and started to do a new intermittent fasting using the Huel as my meals, But today I noticed the bag says the expiration date passed in early November is this dangerous can I still use it or will I get salmonella or some crazy food illness? PLEASE HELP!

Hey there. Huel has a shelf life of one year while unopened. You should be fine if you choose to use this powder–but I can’t really speak for the quality at this stage.

Just got a starter pack from Amazon, and the expiration date is October of this year. Is it normal for products to sit on shelves for seven months before shipping to the client?

Not typical. I’ve ordered from Amazon before and received Huel powder that was about 9 months out from expiration. When I order from the website, my powdered Huel is usually 10 or 11 months out from expiration.

Hey there. If the product expires before you finish it, shoot me a message so I can send you a new bag.



I’m having a similar issue. I was trying to send a direct message but perhaps since I’m a new user I can’t? (Or I’m just blind).

Can you reach out to me about replacing an expired bag?

I’ll send you a PM now.

Hello Tyler, I’m actually having the same issue. I have an opened (about 3/4 full) and unopened bag, I’d hate for over 1.5 bags to go to waste. Unfortunately when i moved, it just got lost in the shuffle and ended up in the back of a cupboard. Anything that can be done? If not, no worries. Thank you!

Hey Jordan,

We can look at something to be done in this case. Can you shoot us an email with your order number so I can assist you with this?

Good morning Domenique, sure thing! What is the email address i should send the information to?

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If it’s easier here, my order number is #65184.

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I found a bag of the vanilla I hadn’t liked form 2018 its expiration was 4/19. I want to eat it. Should I be worried?

Hey Matthew, I would advise against consuming that Huel. It should be safe to eat, but there are no guarentees and the nutrition will not be optimum.

Hey Tyler, I’m also running into this issue. I ordered two bags and my second bag is expired. I haven’t even opened yet. Is it okay to eat it still? Or can you send a new one?

Same here. To which email address can I shoot the email?

Hey @mmt thanks for joining us here on the forum!

You can get in touch with our Customer Service team about this at support@huel.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible :blush: