Military and Student Discount!

Hey there Hueligans. You’ve asked for it, and we’ve answered! Military and Student discount is now live on Use the ‘About Huel’ drop down menu to verify your status and start receiving 10% off your Huel orders!

Feel free to get started on the verification process by following the links below!

Student Discount
Military Discount

Happy Hueling!:smile:


I’m not seeing the military discount - only the student discount.

Wait, I found it at the very, very bottom of the page. :slight_smile: thank you for doing this!
I love my huel. Not as much the ready to drink, but the vanilla powder with either frozen strawberries, and booster flavor. Or peaches and chia, or banana and chia. Or just chocolate booster with ice. But not the RTD as much. thanks for doing this for the military folks!

Hi there! So glad you found it :smile: We truly appreciate your service so i’m thrilled we’re able to offer this discount now. Your recipes sound delicious! I’ll have to try one out soon :yum: If you need anything in the future, don’t hesitate to reach back out.


I’m neither a student nor a member of the military, BUT moves like this are what make me respect Huel as a company and to choose to continue to support Huel above and beyond purchasing the product


Why a discount for military?
Most wars nowadays are being held for profit, oil, geopolitical strategy or religion, and wars are the worst thing invented by humanity, why supporting this??
This is really a disappointment…


Hi there! Our inclusion of a military discount doesn’t directly line with the support of war. Huel is a phenomenal way for those who have served, and continue to serve, to get quality and convenient nutrition even in their testing environment. We support those who dedicate their lives to the safety of American people.


Totally dig this. Any chance teachers can be added to the student discount program?

I received a coupon code but there’s nowhere to enter it.

Are you trying to enter it on your subscription?

I checked my current one and didn’t see it so I checked if creating a new one would allow it but I don’t see anywhere to enter it on either.

My coupon code is not work for student and i’m trying to enter it on my subscription, how do I do it?

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we use the place to add discount codes to add our coupon id right?

Trying to buy a new subscription and trying to add in the new one but the code just wouldn’t work, I emailed you guys but there is no reply whatsoever, makes me want to not order due to such poor customer service.

I can’t use my code either since tuesday. Getting a new code didn’t work either.

I have went ahead and responded to your email!:smile: If you could provide me with your code via email, I would be more than happy to attempt to manually apply this for you.

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Hi there! We’re currently experiencing a minor technical issue with the application of our discount codes. We are working towards a solution currently but for now, I will gladly send you a personal email right away so we can try to get this discount added💪 I truly apologize for the inconvenience!