Migraine and Huel ingredients?

I just saw where Huel tested very low for tyramine, and realized I didn’t think to check ingredients for migraine triggers.

Anyone using Huel who experiences migraine or chronic migraine? What has been your experience? I’m a little concerned about the Sucralose, but my shipment will be here any day so I guess I’ll find out how it affects my migraines.

I suggest the unsweetened and unflavored Huel.

You have much better control of sweetness (maple syrup is so good) and you don’t have to cover the vanilla with extra flavor add. Ex: applesauce alone is both sweet and flavorful, maple syrup add makes it taste a lot like a caramel apple pie. Mmm.

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I’ll probably try the U/U next time. I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t think about that before I ordered.

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Pro tip: order some U/U before you run out of Vanilla and do a mix of the two for just the right amount of sweetness. There’s already a very minimal amount of sucralose in the Vanilla Huel powder as discussed in our article, here, but mixing with the U/U means you get even less which might be more ideal for you. :slight_smile:


I haven’t really seen research suggesting that sucralose affects migraines. A lot of research doesn’t really know what causes them.