Mexican Chilli flavored Huel

Sorry guys but not even a little bit close to anything resembling either Texmex Calmex , I won’t even suggest Mex mex…I ordered two of these in my initial savory order figuring this was probably the least difficult to completely mess up, but I was wrong. It tastes okay, but it is not even a little bit close to chili. I would rename. I have no idea what to rename it to, but definitely not chili. Like I said it doesn’t taste bad… it is just basically some weird stew. I tried adding some more mexican flavors with salsa and some guac but that was a bad idea. Flavors don’t mesh. I suspect that the just plain tomato one will probably be passable as some kind of tomato soup stew. I hold out less hope for the curry, but we’ll see. If I like I will say so.

Tastes like chilli to me. Maybe you didn’t mix enough of the powder in with the grains. Sometimes all the powder is in the bottom and you have to shake it around to get some. I really like all 3 flavors. Obviously the chilli flavor isn’t going to be loaded with grease like real tex mex would be.

NO the flavor profile is all wrong. But hey I gave it a try. Just wondering what I am gong to do with all of this food. :slight_smile:

So you’re saying it’s not even palatable enough to eat? Sounds pretty wasteful to not even give it a second shot or add some seasonings to make it to your liking.

While it doesn’t taste or look like the typical Chili I eat, I do like it. I am an extremely picky eater, so the fact I eat it and like it, says alot.

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Eating some right now and it might just be my favorite flavor of H&S. It doesn’t taste like chili to me…I’m not sure what I’d say it tastes like…but it’s good. It’s spicier than you might expect and definitely chewier than some of the others.

Has the mix for chili been changed?
My second bag seems different than my first bag,purchased shortly after launch date.

I bought it because I love chili but I also know that Huel is a British company and that they have a weird idea of what tomato-based dishes should taste like. I haven’t tried it yet but I would suggest that the UK HQ lets Huel USA take the rein on this flavor and possibly the yellow curry (korma) since these are expected to taste a lot differently here.

Mexican Chili is a no-go here. After receiving my second order of Hot and Savory it is the only flavor that I don’t care for the seasonings at all. I tried adding my own but could not override the original flavor.