My Savory Review (Tomato & Herb, Indian Curry, Mexican Chili)

I bought these three savory meals last month and have now tried each at least 3x and here are my impressions:

Tomato & Herb: my least favorite, it’s the only one I’ll probably throw away after 3 tries. It’s really bland and to me what taste there is, isn’t very good, bordering on awful. Also the texture is weird but that’s true of all the savories I tried. I get that it’s healthier than tomato soup I’d get out a can, but the taste doesn’t even come close to even the low bar canned soup sets. It may be improved by dumping in a bunch of hot sauce, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Mexican Chili: I think this is the best of the 3 but not because it resembles Mexican food or a chili to me, it just tasted the best to me. I’m extremely biased as I live in San Diego and go down to Mexico twice a month (pre-COVID) and get spoiled with amazing Mexican food all the time. So just judging this as a non-Mexican food, it still isn’t that good to me. It lacks the amazing bold flavors of real Mexican food I’m used to and love and was hoping for. Again, hot sauce may help it.

Indian Curry: As with the Mexican chili, if I don’t think of this as Indian food I’m sort of OK with it. At least it has some spiciness to it (I wouldn’t call it “hot” as Huel does), but I wish the Indian curry flavors were a lot bolder. As with all of them I had an issue with the texture but I guess it’s something I could get used to. I absolutely love real Indian food, but I still don’t think I’ll be ordering this again.

I know I’m being critical but I want to say I am a big fan of the Huel shakes and enjoy almost all the flavors I’ve tried. I love the vanilla and like salted caramel, peanut butter and chocolate and will continue ordering them as well as new flavors that come out. I get it that comparing these savory meals made from powders to restaurant food is unfair. Plus they are very healthy while restaurant food often isn’t. Then there’s the cost at $3.65 per meal which will at best get a taco at a fast food stand. But I was hoping one of these would at least taste OK, but for me none of them did.

I’m also really not a picky eater, I literally eat everything and enjoy almost all food. With the shakes, I sometimes didn’t like them much after the first try but grew to like them more. But I don’t think I’m ever going to like these savories and I don’t plan to order any more unless I see a lot of posts about big improvements in future versions. For now I’ll just stick to the shakes.

I am also trying all the new flavors, I just purchased sweet & sour, yellow curry, and hot curry. I have tried all the rest. My ranking so far from best tp worst is: Thai Green Curry, Mexican Chilli (tastewise it ties as #1, but makes me fart too much), tomato & herb, then sweet &sour. I have not yet opened the two new currys yet. I do add salt and pepper to all of them or they qpuld be top bland. Tomato & Herb i go heavy on the pepper to make is zestier, otherwise it tastes like tomato paste. Sweet & sour there is not really any fixing, even with additional seasoning. It just taste likes bad Chinese food…

Those 3 together, add raw spinach (never canned) or your fav raw green veggie and a dash of red Himalayan sea salt. Top it with a tblsp of plain Greek yogurt and it’s pretty tasty (to me anyway).