Measurements? new measurements?

Since you guys changed your nutritional information i have some questions? How many grams do i weigh for 250 calories and 500 calories?

Also how much huel do i need to weigh for 27 grams of protein? Like calorie and gram wise to measure. Thank you.

I sent these questions before and no answers via email just resending them in hopes to get some answer. Thank you. Customer service is lacking. Does not respond???

Iā€™d just use a calculator.

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Huel Vanilla v1.1

Serving size: 2 scoops = 100g = 400kcal = 29g of protein

29g Protein -------> 100g Huel
27g Protein -------> Xg Huel

27*100/29= 93.1g of Huel are needed to get 27g of protein which equal to 372kcal

For 250kcal you need 62.5g of Huel.

For 500kcal you need 125g of Huel.


Math is not my strongest subject but i thank you!


Thanks for the well thought out response! Your fellow Huelers appreciate it.

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