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So I am, once again, starting to track my calories, and was wondering if there is a barcode or something I can scan for Huel? I have the older version of the Vanilla (the one that says use 127g/serving and also the newer one that says use 100g/serving. My issue is that I cannot take a full 127g/serving at a meal and normally use less, but I weigh it out and I am hoping that using the barcode would allow me to break down the serving size by grams instead of saying .75 cups in MFP. Thanks.

MFP already can calculate by grams

I use MFP to track my stuff; I just do the Huel by the gram.

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I couldn’t find the option for some of the Huel - Vanilla being listed; but I was able to find one.

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You can create your own food. Just use the nutritional information for the new vanilla because it is basically the same. If you truly wish to calculate the nutrition for 100 g of the old vanilla, you could say 100÷127 = x÷(Old vanilla value). Then, you would cross multiply and solve for x. Where I told you to enter a value in parentheses, you need to enter the grams for a value of the old vanilla like the grams of iron or the grams of protein Per 127 g serving or something like that depending on what you want to solve for. Depending on the value you enter, you will get that value for the smaller serving. If you enter the grams of protein for example, you will get the grams of protein for the smaller serving. You can check that you did it right by going back to the original problem, putting your answer in for x, and making sure that both sides have the same value. If you don’t want to do every single value, you could just do the fat, the iron, and the D3 because I think those are the things that changed slightly. There may also be a program that can do this for you, or you could set up a spreadsheet to do this for you so you can just make a spreadsheet of the 127 g values and then have it give you the 100 G values for the old version. I am sorry, but that is what you will have to do because there is no barcode. Also, don’t completely rely on the information in My Fitness Pal, because many people do not calculate the information correctly, they often overestimate calories, and then their information shows up in your search, Because I suppose, when you add a food, it adds it to the database for everybody. Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless you are at a fast food restaurant where portions are precisely Wade and calculated, you will need to multiply the estimated caloric value of your restaurant meal by 120%. I can get you the research if you are interested, but the research has shown that restaurants underestimate their calories by an average of 20%. This could partially be on purpose so that their meals look lower calorie, but also it can be because workers just make portions of the food and it is not being made under lab conditions. For example, a portion of rice at chipotle is going to be a bit larger than the portion size they estimated for the calorie calculations. Workers are just doing it based on what looks good in the bowl. Oddly, this research did show that fast food meals are actually pretty correctly estimated in terms of their calories. Maybe that McDonald’s meal is 1700 cal, but at least you know that estimation is correct.

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