Someone explain Scoop to protein ratio plz?


New Huel user here…
Is one scoop of Huel 37/38g of protein? Or am I totally off base here. Thank you. Help.

There are 37 g of Protein in every 500 calories of Huel. I hate the scooping method because it is so inaccurate but the instructions say to use one full cup of Huel for 500 calories that would be 37g. Most people have said that 3 of the scoops included with your Huel will get you close, about 450 calories but I weigh mine. For every 100 calories I wish to eat I add about 25g of Huel. If protein intake is your goal, then for the 37g you would need about 126g of Huel.


In one of Huel’s scoops there is about 12 grams of protein. 3 scoops is close to a full serving - and that will be about 38 grams.

I know this response is 10 months later - but posting for future viewers.

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