HUELing an Ironman

I competed and finished my first Ironman Triathlon a week ago and Huel played a large part! For those that may not know what an Ironman is, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride, followed by a full 26.2 marathon. To top it off my race was in Boulder, CO USA. It was also 97 degrees Fahrenheit. In all I burnt just over 10,000 calories that day…you read that right 10k!!! I took in 1k calories 3 hours before the race, another 1k 1hr before the swim started, another 1k 3hours later after the swim and before the bike ride. Another 1k 56miles into the bike (3ish hours) another 1k at the end of the bike/ before the run. I had energy, power, and plenty of fuel in the tank all thanks to Huel. The one downside was the MCT in the mix upset my stomach at the 13.1 mile mark of the marathon when I drank another 1k calories. If I would have dropped it to 500cal or not taken it at all I would have been fine, but my lesson has been learned. Until that point i was on pace for an 11hr 30min finish but ended up at 13hr 1min Either way I will be using Huel religiously during my races from here on out! I’m working with my coach and we are aiming for a sub-10hr finish in my next race. Huel will play a huge part! Huel…how about some love and let’s work out some sort of sponsorship. It’s a win-win!!! Break into the world of triathlon and I get to enjoy my Huel :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations on your Ironman!!

I agree that Huel is a great tool for sports and athletes, currently there are no competitors I know of with similar macros in the US. 100% food used to have a high protein blend but they are sadly no longer around. Soylent, Joylent, Ample, and all the others aren’t sufficient for athletes without a large dose of added protein.