I've Joined the Club!

So coming to the end of my first week of using Huel. My goals right now are to lose some weight. I’ve done weight watchers a few times in the past and was always able to lose 20-30 lbs doing it but it never sticks. I fluctuate from 180lbs-220lbs over the course of a year dieting and then falling off the bandwagon. I’m hoping to get down to 175 before the Holidays roll around so that if I do fall off again I should be able to rebound before I get too up there again.

Anyway I was drawn to Huel because of the fact that it’s Vegan. While I am not vegan I would like to be. Did you know that the amount of food that is produced and consumed by the animals we raise for slaughter could feed the world 3 times over? That’s crazy to me. I went Vegan for 3 months but didn’t lose any weight. So I fell off the wagon again and unfortunately once I get off track it spirals. My wife can cheat here and there and get right back to it. I need to be more regimented. Go all in or not at all.

I am also hoping this will save me some money. My wife and I want to get out of debt and have a mountain of it to climb so every little bit helps.

My original plan was to do Huel for Breakfast and Lunch and then a normal dinner. I did that Sunday and was surprising not hungry at all. So Monday I skipped the breakfast shake and just did Lunch and had a normal dinner. I haven’t gotten that hungry so I have stuck with that for the rest of the week. I was never a big breakfast eater anyway. I did get headaches the first two days but I am chalking that up to lack of sugar. Since then I have been fine.

As for the taste, I was hoping to like it more than I do. I do three scoops of vanilla and a heaping 1/2 tsp of the chocolate mint. I shake it in the morning and stick it in the freezer for about an hour and then move it to the fridge until around 2pm when I drink it. I tried blending it a couple times with epic failures. Let’s just say one blender didn’t survive. I’m clueless on how any of that works and when I’m at the office I don’t have a blender anyway. I would like to experiment more with that but need to look up how to do that. How much water do you add when you are blending and what kind of blender are you using?

Next week I will be away from home on a business trip for the week so that should bring new adventures and a lot of questions from co-workers. Wish me luck!

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Hey @Heresteve2

Thanks for the post and welcome to Huel!