If you didn't already know.... MAC & CHEEZE IS IN THE US 🧀

Hey team,

So as I am sure many of you know at this point…MAC & CHEEZE IS NOW IN THE US :call_me_hand::cheese:

You can get it here at Huel Hot & Savory.

:cheese:The world’s first nutritionally complete Mac & Cheeze​:cheese:

Ready in under five minutes and contains a balance of carbs, protein, fats, fiber and all 27 essential vitamins and minerals - it’s quick, scrumptious, vegan, deliciousness that fills you up and hits the spot!

If you want some of this Cheezy goodness get some on our site and if you have questions you know where to reach out, here, support@huel.com, or our social channels :wink::two_hearts:


Love Mac and Cheese. It’s a nice break from sweet taste of shakes. I add boiling water, stir well, microwave 40 seconds, put cap on after, let set 10 mins and oh so good.

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Stoked to hear you are enjoying it @Chall :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I cannot believe HOW DELICIOUS THIS IS. Looks like I came back to huel at the right time! Only issue I have is I want to eat triple the servings!

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It’s a hard problem to have when you want to eat TOO much H&S :joy::joy::joy:

Will Chick’n & Mushroom and Cajun Pasta be hitting the US?

Keep your eyes on February :wink:

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Just tried this and it’s amazing! I can’t wait until the rest of the pastas come to the US, because this is the best Huel yet!

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Well, who knows, it may come sometime in February :wink:

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Cough cough…ahem. Oh look, it’s February!

It is looking a bit more like March now, stay tuned :wink:

Cough cough…ahem. Oh look, it’s March!

Any word on when this is happening? The price increase has me wondering if I could do this type of food portioning myself.

I would maybe consider delaying your order until this afternoon :eyes:

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