Love the new hot and savory, but did I get a bad batch?

Been trying the new hot and savory packs, and been great experience for the most part! Have tried both the Tomato and Herb, and the Thai green curry and think both are good.

Especially love the Tomato and Herb but one of the last packs I received has a tons of greens which makes it a bit less enjoyable. Has anyone else experienced this?

I don’t think it should look like that. I have also received bags that tasted different than other bags in the same order. I think Huel has a problem making every bag consistent and have noticed it with H&S and also the white edition powders, especially chocolate. It’s a little concerning considering they’re putting vitamins and minerals in these bags that could be dangerous if you got a bag that wasn’t mixed well at the factory and ended up with too high a concentration of one of the pure vitamins or minerals.

Glad to get some validation! Yeah the product is good, but consistency is definitely something I need. Your comment about vitamins and minerals is a good one – I think a little more quality control needs to be done.

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That does look like too many greens, but did you shake up the bag before opening? It may just be some settling during shipping.

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Yup I had the same thought when I first opened the pack and gave it a good shake a few times. Tried my best to shuffle the contents from the bottom too but it’s all greens all the way through.

This picture is after me having a few servings too. That’s why it had me wondering if this is actually how this flavor is supposed to be.

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That definitely doesn’t look normal, I’ve never seen a bag look like that.

Have you emailed Huel Support on this?

Hi there, oh no! I just messaged you about this!

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Oh my. Mine never looked like that! Looks like you got a substandard “scoop” from the mechanism that packaged it.

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