Hot and Savory Packaging

I have tried most of the Hot and Savory flavors so far (Thai Green Curry, Tomato and Herb, Yellow Coconut Curry, Sweet and Sour, and Mexican Chili) and enjoyed most of them. However, I find that it is difficult to get a consistent mix of ‘flavor powder’ and ‘seedy/chunky solids’ in each scoop. I think this would be a lot more consistent if these two parts of each Hot and Savory package were shipped in separate packets or two compartments within the same package and the instructions included the appropriate volume/weight of each part to include. Possibly the same general purpose Huel scoop could be used with two markings added for the appropriate fill line for Hot and Savory ‘flavor powder’ and Hot and Savory ‘solids’. Personally, as a work around, I have considered sifting out the ‘flavor powder’ from each packet and finding the ratio of ‘flavor powder’ to ‘solids’ for each packet (it would be interesting to see if this is the same or different for different flavors) and then mixing appropriately for each serving. Has something like this been considered by the Huel team?


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Hey James,
Welcome, so stoked to have you as a Hueligan!
That is an intriguing idea and I will pass it on to the team.
My biggest pro tip to have the ratios be more even is to shake up the bag vigorously before you scoop! That way it is more evenly distributed!
So glad to hear you are enjoying our Hot & Savory range :muscle:

I have absolutely thought about that, too! But then it would require so much more packaging and at 7 servings a bag, I already feel like there is a lot of waste with H&S. I wish it came in monthly servings (except for Tomato and Herb…I could use less servings of that). The worst part is when you get to that last serving and you look in the bag and it’s all just grains. :rofl: That’s when I normally just open another bag and dump it into that one.

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I just stick a spoon into the bag and stir it up before scooping some out, and that seems to work fine.