Hot and Savory- foul odor?

Hi all,

I bought Huel black edition and three hot and savory items: Mac N’ Cheese, Yellow Curry, and Green Curry. I wasn’t expecting the hot and savory items to be as good as something fresh, but I was really disappointed when the Green Curry tasted like someone just put protein powder in your soup. It was chalky and artificial tasting and had a foul odor that stank up our whole apartment, and made me gag. The Mac N’ Cheese was not great, but not as bad as the Green Curry. Has anyone else experienced this? Is the Green Curry flavor just gross or did I make it wrong? I didn’t bother trying the Yellow Curry afterwards, so I’m not sure, if that would have been bad as well. Has anyone had any similar experiences, if so I’d love to hear about them. The Huel black edition hasn’t given me any problems, I got that in banana flavor, which I do recommend.

Hey there,
Perhaps Thai Green Curry is not the flavor for you, but in the abundance of caution, I would drop our team an email so we can perhaps look into the batch further? Please drop our team an email at as we would love to help you out :two_hearts:

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I got in touch with a Huel staff member. Your customer support is actually unmatched. Thank you!

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Messages like this make my day :two_hearts: